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Growing Wealth Sustainably

About Us
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About Us

We are an investment management fund using cutting edge technology

to protect and grow wealth of our own and our investors.Like a peepal tree, we aim to generate long term sustainable growth of capital.

Who we are ?

What do we do ?

We use proven trading strategies powered with technology to protect and grow capital with calculated risks. Our emphasis is on generating a sustainable return by being conservative on risk side. We prioritise sustainability and longevity over excessive risk oriented approach.

Who do we NOT do ?

We do not undertake high risk strategies which may give very high return sometimes but can also result in significant losses at other times. We believe our customers or investors value sustainable growth at low risk over uncertain high return at higher risks.

Our Approach
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Our Approach

We have an individualised approach to each of our investors. We first understand our investor situation, needs, objectives and constraints. We then come up with an indiualized investment approach that fits to them. 


Once the proposal is mutually agreed and formally signed, we begin the investment management. We keep our investor regularly informed with monthly performance report. Our investors are welcome to have a personal talk with us whenever they want with prior agreement.

Our Clients

Our Clients

We look forward to have investor partners who understand capital markets and are aware of the risk return tradeoff. Ones who are financially stable and have a portion of their wealth which they would like to invest for long term growth without needing this in very short term for their existential needs. We proactively advise our investors to first have sufficient liquidity for themselves to meet their day to day and short term obligations. Typically, entrepreneurs, executives or senior managers who are doing well in their field of work but do not have sufficient time to manage their disposable wealth smartly for long term growth are ideal customers for us.

Our Vision

Our Mission : Growing Wealth Sustainably

Our Values





Our Principles

Don't lose money

Do the right thing

Be fair to all

Our Purpose

Protect wealth 

Grow wealth

Earn respect

Our Culture
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Our Culture

Peepal Tree is an entrepreneurial company at its heart. We are proud of our open and inclusive work environment, culture of learning and innovation, and strong emphasis on meritocracy.


We want to sustain the spirit of a "tech startup" with an inspiring environment where people feel free to debate ideas with the mindset to learn from each other and grow together, even as we grow and scale in organizational size. We take pride in having a spirit of continuous learning-by-doing to bring ideas to life using power of technology.


We are committed to keep Peepal Tree a place where curious minds with passion for technology, investing, financial markets, problem solving can come and collaborate enthusiastically to create value for our customers, for our investors and for the world at large.


We deeply believe in the philosophy that exciting work and energizing positive work environment is more valuable than just a bigger paycheck.


Our values of Honesty, Courage, Teamwork, Resilience form our foundation. At Peepal Tree, we welcome people who carry these set of common values. We encourage respect for every human being and want to have an environment at peepal tree where human dignity is never compromised.


Peepal Tree, also known as Fig tree or Bodhi tree, is revered as a tree of generosity, knowledge and enlightenment. Our logo of Peepal Tree is the inspiration for all of us to keep striving with humility and entreprenurial endeavour to make our firm a symbol of Longevity, Prosperity and Sustainability.

Contact Us

Contact Us


Bulach, Zurich - 8180 ​


24th Main, HSR Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560102



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